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Grow Free

11:00am in the Foyer

Andrew Barker the founder, will be telling us about Grow Free beginning and what it means.  This will definitely inspire you!



Herbs & Veggies for the Spring/Summer season

12:30pm in the Foyer

Come and hear Heather from Country Herbals talk about exploring what can be planted now, in pots, garden beds, for  sun or shade, large or small spaces. Herbs for culinary, medicinal use, plus dye and scented plants. Preparing and planting vegies for the coming season.


Scarecrow Competition Judging


Members of Joan’s Patch Community Garden will be selecting the winner of our  inaugural competition.  Some scarecrows are available for purchase or donation.


Belly Dancers Logo.gif

Belly Dancers Adelaide

1:30pm Featured On stage   

Belly dance performance presented by teacher and students of Belly Dance Adelaide. From floating silk veils to dramatic swords, you'll certainly be entertained ! If you like what you see, come and join us at our studio -500 Port Rd, Welland – only 5kms from the CBD. All ladies are welcome to come and learn this beautifully feminine Egyptian art form.


karinga demo.gif

Karinga Designs Demonstration

2:00pm in the Foyer

Come and watch Karyn demonstrate the ancient art of lamp working which was made famous by the glassworkers of Murano Italy in the 14th Century and is still being practised there today.  She uses rods of coloured glass and a torch to melt the glass onto a bead mandrel creating beautiful transparent and bright beads for jewellery and other crafts. This demonstration will provide you with some information and a visual display of how it is done.